Profitable Blogging – 3 Proven Methods

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways for anyone to begin making money online. Experience and qualifications are unnecessary for the beginner blogger. Passion for a topic and the willingness to spend a few minutes updating your blog everyday are far more important traits.

The following 3 proven methods have generated an online income for many bloggers.

1. Product Review Blogs

Pick a product you own or know a lot about. Digital products from are perfect for this as your readers will be able to buy and download these immediately. Write a balanced, honest review of a single product or multiple product from within a single niche. You may wish to include testimonials, graphics and comments from forums. Add your affiliate links to text and graphics on your blog. When a reader clicks through your links and purchases the products you will get a commission.

2. Niche Advertising Blogs

Target long-tail keywords (keywords of 3 or more words) within a micro-niche. Create unique, compelling content on the blog. Advertising networks, such as Google AdSense will provide contextual based ads relevant to the blog content. When a reader clicks on the ads you will receive a commission to your account. Do not, under any circumstance, click on the ads yourself. You will be barred from the network

3. Blog Networks

This can be the simplest method for blog monetization. You get paid to make posts on other people’s blogs. Payment varies by the number of page views the posts receive. You are usually paid a percentage of the advertising revenue the network earns

These 3 proven methods can get you started on building a blogging income straight away. By writing for a few minutes every day you will soon build up a regular monthly income.

Blogging is fun and profitable. Start that blog today! Join thousands of oth

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